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Another cracker from Hong Kong-based publisher SendPoints. Fierce, part of their 'Remarkable Graphic Styles' series, presents us with visuals deemed to be shocking, terrifying, bleak and, sometimes depressing.


The content presented to us ranges from the exaggerated dark and light used by the 15th Century painter Caravaggio, to Dogma's illustrations for their Major Arcana tarot. In each and every example used the subject matter lurks in realms which are eldritch, morbid, dark and wyrd - serpents seethe, beetles scuttle, mouths gape, skeletons rise - you get the picture.


The chapters covered fall into the categories of Fierce, Dark, Depressing, and Thrilling - so definitely not one to leave on grannies chair.


As usual the production values are high - the book is a lay flat binding, with a beautiful, debossed greyboard cover hiding underneath and already handsomely foiled jacket. A high-end, darkly dreadful title.

Size: 178 x 238mm (hardcover)

Pages: 223

Publisher: SendPoints

Fierce: Remarkable Graphic Styles | Sendpoints | Colours May Vary