Fare Magazine #14 | Mexico City

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The new Fare focuses on the food and culture in Mexico City. Inside we stop to take a late lunch at the many city Fondas, sample pulque, the drink of the gods, discover the origins of Tacos al Pastor, and travel to Xochimilco to take to the canals.


Elsewhere we visit the collaborative food project Masal y Maiz, break bread at the ever popular Panaderia Rosetta, and get lost among the flowers at Mercado de Jamaica



A beautifully published magazine that travels from one city to the next with each issue. Edited by Ben Mervis, a food historian who once worked with Rene Redzepi at Noma and sits as part of the Netflix Chef's Table team. Yes, it's as good as that sounds.


Size: 170 x 240mm

Pages: 198



Fare Magazine #14 | Mexico City