Fade To Z by James Ockelford & Samuel Lumsden

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Deliberate, methodical, naive repetition.

'Fade to Z' is a new title from Refold. Inside we witness the deterioration of an image, more specifically the deterioration of a single JPEG image. These objects proliferate to such a degree digitally that we barely take note of them, blinded by their number. Here our attention is caught as we turn the pages to observe what once was lucid decay into noise and static.

By accessing and deleting lines of code behind the JPEG, in this case, an architectural detail from the University of Leeds, the image is glitched and glitched again. How much code could be deleted and the JPEG still function? This is the question that underpins this new Refold publication and its accompanying exhibition.

Size: 124 x 190mm

Pages: 320

Publisher: Refold / Self-published



Fade To Z by James Ockelford & Samuel Lumsden