Extra Teeth #7

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The new issue of Extra Teeth brings together a selection of 12 stories and essays that dissolve the boundary between reality and non reality. 


"Gaming seeps into real life and we meld with our avatars; darkness presents itself as love; fractures occur in both our personal and natural worlds, and we must respond. These pieces push the boundaries of form, forefronting annotation, aping the singular style of dating apps, breaking convention."


The words within are accompanied by some really beautiful illustrative work by Edinburgh-based printmaker Morvern Graham, and the contributions include the first adult fiction work by author Michel Faber in a decade.



Extra Teeth is an independent literary magazine has a special emphasis on new writing coming from Scotland, but with an international outlook.


Size: 200 x 285mm

Pages: 99


Extra Teeth #7 | Colours May Vary