Early Sunday Morning (Softback) | Peter Mitchell

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This re-published edition of Peter Mitchell's 'Early Sunday Morning' forms part of RRB's Documentary Classics series and is a compact, softback edition of the original publication.


Early Sunday Morning contains over 90 images, selected from Peter's archive of over 500 negatives most of which have been unseen for over 30 years.


The book has been edited and sequenced by John Myers and captures an intimate version of Leeds which journeys through the landscape of a city with the layers of its history exposed.


These photographs, taken by Peter in the 1970s and 80s, document a real shift in the urban landscape. Cobbled streets and Victorian terraces flanked by concrete flats and wastelands awaiting the new. 


“It is as if Peter Mitchell has taken the atmosphere and mood of Edward Hopper’s famous painting and established it as a matter of documentary fact in the north of England at a moment when collapse can lead to further desolation or possible renewal. So these beautiful pictures are drily drenched in history – social, economic and photographic.” - Geoff Dyer

SIZE: 165 x 198 mm
PAGES: 176
PUBLISHER: RRB (First Edition | Documentary Edition) Limited to 1300
BINDING: Softcover



Early Sunday Morning (Softback) | Peter Mitchell