Do Sourdough by Andrew Whitely

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In recent years we have witnessed the bread on our table change from a chemically preserved sliced white to a wholesome and tasty loaf of sourdough. What if we had time to make our own bread, and what if we could make a loaf as good as the one we had at breakfast? Well, Andrew Whitley, a baker with over 30 years experience, is here to help us all.

In 'Do Sourdough' we get to learn that the key to success lies in slow fermentation, and that process can happen while we sleep, or are at work. So with flour, salt, water and a little time we can all master the art of making and baking tasty bread. Learn new recipes, create different breads, pick up new skills and impress your friends and your tastebuds!

Size: 120 x 178mm

Pages: 158

Publisher: Do Books

Binding: Soft Back


Do Sourdough by Andrew Whitely - Do Books