Do Preserve by Anja Dunk, Jen Goss & Mimi Beaven

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Do preserve is sub-titled 'Make your own jams, chutneys, pickles and cordials' and that is exactly what this excellent paperback will get you doing. Whether preserving fruit to make jams, using salt to make your sauerkraut brine, or simply pickling onions, this book guides you through the techniques, processes, equipment and recipes you'll need to make perfect preserves. Written by three friends who bring their chefing, farming and foraging skills to the fore, the text is easy to work through and then recipes simple to follow. Each chapter looks at a separate preserving agent, so whether steeping in alcohol, or drying in the oven, you have your bases covered. Preserving is a wonderful slow process that gives great rewards and there are 80 recipes inside 'Do Preserve' to keep the most ardent preserver happy.

Size: 120 x 178mm

Pages: 174

Publisher: Do Books

Binding: Soft Back


Do Preserve by Anja Dunk, Jen Goss & Mimi Beaven - Do Books