Do Fly by Gavin Strange

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We know very well how hard it is to do the work we love. It sounds like a dream but the reality is super hard and we all need some help honing our focus in achieving our dreams of being self employed. We need encouragement to remain optimistic and forge forward! fly

Do Fly by Gavin Strange (Jam Factory/Aardman animations) offers such advice and encouragement and reminds us that life really is too short not to pursue your passion. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you are ready to head out on your own, doing the thing you love then Do Fly promises to:

Change your perspective and revamp your mindset

Develop creative side projects

Stay optimistic and resilient

Discover skills and passions you never knew you had

Size: 120 x 170mm (perfect for reading on the train)

Pages: 123

Publisher: Do Books

Binding: Soft Back


Do Fly by Gavin Strange - Do Books