Do Drama | Lucy Gannon

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Subtitled 'How to stop watching TV. And start writing it', this new Do Book explores the how and why of writing drama, not as an instruction manual, but as a lively conversation with one of Britain's most prolific and successful screenwriters, Lucy Gannon.


Gannon, who wrote her first script at 39, instils that idea that writing drama is not about education, class or cleverness (or age), it's about a deep desire to tell stories, to create characters, find the humour alongside the pathos, and to delight and enthral millions.


Inside you'll find out how to:

  • Write your script from the first scene to the last 
  • Create vivid characters with a personality and a past 
  • Develop storylines, structure and write a treatment 
  • Understand how the industry works so you can take your next step


Size: 120 x 170mm (paperback)

Pages: 123

Publisher: Do Books


Do Drama | Lucy Gannon | Colours May Vary