Dirty Furniture #6 | The Bed

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Back for the final issue of the series - The Bed! 

Rip off the covers to reveal how the bed, sleep – or the lack of it – shapes our lives. We sleep with sleep-monitoring devices, reflect on the beds we were born in and consider the screen’s capacity to alleviate insomnia. How did the duvet become a wardrobe staple, talk to sheep and study the architecture of dreams.



Dirty Furniture is a bi-annual magazine about design and people, about our relationship with our furniture. This isn't a place for furniture as mere decoration, it is an exploration of familiar objects that makes us think more deeply about their use, purpose, and history. Released as a finite set of 6, the next 3 issues will bring us the bed, closet, and telephone.



A brand new format - a glossy, pocket-sized 200 pages!

Dirty Furniture #6 | The Bed