Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles | Dr Sharbreon Plummer

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This important new zine from Common Threads Publishing highlights Black women's contributions to art and history through fibre-related mediums. 

The author, Dr. Sharbreon Plummer is an artist, strategist and storyteller that centres the stories and creativity of Black women. Sharbreon's upbringing in southern Louisiana informs her interest into how culture and ancestral memory act as influencers of contemporary art-making.  

This new publication surveys the history of Black women and textiles in North America, and spotlights five artists through a series of interviews, paying careful attention to the intersections of race, art, and cultural memory.


Published by Common Thread Press, a small, independent publisher that puts feminist, queer and radical histories of art on your bookshelf.


Size: 150 x 210mm


Publisher: Common Thread Press


Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles | Sharbreon Plummer | Colours May Vary