Dark Fairy Tales of Fearless Women | Rosalind Kerven

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In this global feast of ancient tales women and girls draw on their bravery, cunning and wit to overcome astonishing dangers and obstacles. Shudder, cheer and laugh as the heroines face monsters, bandits, dragons and ghosts; admire their courage and wisdom, and marvel as they defeat terrifying manifestations of the supernatural.


This is a fairy tale collection for our times, with stories that take you through Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America and the Pacific. From the Icelandic heroine who outwits a troll to the awe-inspiring fire goddess of Hawaii, from the Scottish faeries who steal babies to the stone giants of Argentina, there is a story to delight and inspire us all.


With foiling details on the cover and sturdy bindings, these hardback titles from Batsford are beautifully library additions.


Size: 144 x 198mm

Pages: 192

Publisher: Batsford

Dark Fairy Tales of Fearless Women | Rosalind Kerven