Cunning Folk #6 | The Vampire Issue

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The new Cunning Folk dedicates issue 6 to the vampire, a crucial figure in folklore the world over. Inside, Dr Thomas Waters draws links between the vampire and the witch, Professor Ronald Hutton discusses the history of the vampire (and again, its links with the witch), Professor Diane Purkiss presents us with the Byronic vampire, and Carly Stevenson charts the emergence of the literary vampire.


Elsewhere a catalogue of undead entities and shapeshifting succubi, advice on domestic protection, the vampire from Dracula to The Lost boys, and the dark goddess at the beginning of it all.



Cunning Folk magazine explores - through journalism, essays, articles, and short stories - the relevance of the occult, folklore, mythology, and magic in our world today.


Size: 170 x 240mm

Pages: 130


Cunning Folk #6 | The Vampire Issue | Colours May Vary