Counterpoint Magazine #24 | Long

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Long - definition: 

1. lasting or taking a great amount of time.

2. measuring a great distance from end to end.


The new Counterpoint considers length, in time and space, and features in-depth articles that consider - what if we just stopped following the long tail of content? How far would you dare test the patience of a paying audience? how long does an author have to write until they get published?, and how, like artist Johnny Hannah, do you remain inspired over a quarter of a century? 



Counterpoint is risograph printed using a three-colour palette. this means that not only is it beautifully bright, but each copy is slightly different from the other. It also shares the profits of sale between all contributors - and we heartily applaud that!


Size: 170 x 285mm

Pages: 50 

Edition of 600


Counterpoint Magazine #24 | Long | Colours May Vary