Do Pause by Robert Poynton

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Do Pause by Robert Poynton is subtitled 'You are not a to to list' and this helpful title is all about the need to, sometimes, just stop, reset and regenerate. We aren't machines, we can't run without stopping, so taking time to pause, take breaks, meditate and even get a dog (which is advice we can back to the hilt) helps us to sustain, retain our sanity and develop our physical and mental wellbeing.

A book of helpful advice and invaluable tools, Do Pause will help you: reset and regenerate; deepen your thinking and experiences; take back control of your life; reconnect with other people, yourself (and maybe a dog).

Size: 120 x 170mm (perfect for reading on the train)

Pages: 126

Publisher: Do Books



Do Pause by Robert Poynton