Camille Walala: Taking Joy Seriously

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This beautiful hardcover monograph charts the course of Camille Walala's career through a variety of stunning projects and includes an interview with the artist and a mini-booklet containing her sketchbook work.


Walala’s art is colourful, immediate and instinctive. Her bold colours, playful shapes and geometric patterns create a powerful visual energy, lifting moods, stirring hearts and raising smiles in all who pass by.


Walala, a French artist based in London, takes joy very seriously. Over the last decade, she has become famous for making ambitious and large-scale interventions in public spaces around the world, using the human-made landscape as a vessel for disseminating positivity.


Size: 200 x 260mm

Pages: 216

Publisher: Counterprint

Camilla Walala: Taking Joy Seriously | Colours May Vary
Camille Walala: Taking Joy Seriously
Camille Walala: Taking Joy Seriously