Caleidoscopica | Olimpia Zagnoli

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From the excellent Lazy Dog publishing house in Italy comes this beautiful monograph of the work of Italian artist / illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli.


Caleidoscopica takes a look across the last 10 years of Olimpia's colourful, bold and often psychedelically surreal output.  It's a eye-pleasing trawl that takes us through a selection of her drawings, prints, neons, textiles and sculptures, and also features sketches and preparatory works, that reveal her creative process. Also included amid the colourful wave, you'll find a series of texts and thoughts from authors working in the fields of illustration, design and art, offering multiple and original readings of Olimpia’s work.

Size: 195 x 260mm

Pages: 148

Publisher: Lazy Dog

Caleidoscopica | Olimpia Zagnoli | Colours May Vary
Caleidoscopica | Olimpia Zagnoli
Caleidoscopica | Olimpia Zagnoli