Cake Zine #2 | Wicked Cake

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Naughty but nice. A slice of darkness cometh as issue 2 of Cake Zine plunges the knife through the buttermilk to the horrors beneath! Inside you'll find Korean rice cakes used to banish evil spirits, an experiment in baking with blood, a truly dark and dangerous Death by Chocolate cake recipe, a buttercream cake with direct links to the riots in the US capitol, and a comic about the true story of a sixteenth-century cantankerous “witch” whose buttery shrovetide cakes kindled her demise.


Elsewhere - a condemnation of deepcakes, the colonial roots of the Jaffa Cake, baking with arsenic, and three very evil cakes  by Bodega Cakes, Frosted Hag, and Lauren Schofield.



Cake Zine is a hedonistic exploration of history, pop culture, literature, and art through dessert


Cake Zine #2 | Wicked Cake | Colours May Vary