Botanical Curses And Poisons | Fez Inkwright

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Inside 'Botanical Curses and Poisons' Fez Inkwright (author of Folk Healing and Magic), invites us into the toxic plant archives to uncover the folklore, histories and stories behind our deadly plants, witching herbs and (often) fatal fungi.


Full of mythology and lore, this contagious compendium takes us from the humble apple to the bleeding yew tree and everything in-between. 


A handsomely published hardback, complete with cover foiling and ribbon bookmark, this richly illustrated book (illustrations by Fez's own hand) is a must for fearless foragers and baleful botanists.


Size: 156 x 216mm

Pages: 258

Publisher: Liminal 11



Botanical Curses And Poisons | Fez Inkwright | Colours May Vary