Black Punk Now | Chris L. Terry & James Spooner (Eds)

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Black Punk, brought to us by James Spooner and Chris L. Terry, features a collection of essays, stories, interviews and comics from the 'After Afro-Punk' generation, which work together to create a holistic definition of Black Punk. It's aim, other than to engage readers through great writing, is 'to give punks, especially black ones, a wider frame of reference ; to show all of the strains, styles, and identities of Black Punk that are thriving and give newcomers to the scene more chances to see themselves.'


The chapters inside include writing on inheritance, solidarity, creativity, community, mental health, identity, activism, and much more, providing us with a wide diversity of perspectives, identities and styles that help define this ever-growing and evolving counterculture.


Size: 140. x210mm

Pages: 337

Publisher: Soft Skull Press


Black Punk Now | Chris L. Terry & James Spooner (Eds)