Black Metal Rainbows | Daniel Lukes & Stanimir Panayotov (eds)

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 Black metal is a paradox. A noisy underground genre brimming with violence and virulence, it has captured the world's imagination for its harsh yet fiamboyant style and infamous history involving arson, blasphemy, and murder. Today black metal is nothing less than a cultural battleground between those who claim it for nationalist and racist ends, and those who cherish it for its inclusivity and openness.


Black Metal Rainbows is a radical collection of essays and theory-fictions, artworks and comics by writers, artists, activists, and visionaries, including Drew Daniel, Kim Kelly, Laina Dawes, Espi Kvtt, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Svein Egil Hatlevik, Eugene S. Robinson, Margaret Killjoy, and many more. 


This unique volume envisions the musical genre of black metal as always already open, inclusive, and unlimited. Beyond its clichés of grimness, nihilism, reaction, and signature black/white corpse-paint sneer, black metal today is a vibrant and revolutionary paradigm. This book reveals its ludic, carnival worlds animated by spirits of joy and celebration, community and care, queerness and camp, LGBTQI+ identities and antifascist, antiracist, and left-wing politics, not to mention endless aesthetic experimentation and fabulousness. From the crypt to the cloud, Black Metal Rainbows unearths black metal's sparkling core and illuminates its prismatic spectrum: deep within the black, far beyond grimness, and over a darkly glittering rainbow!


Size: 154 x 228mm

Pages: 441

Publisher: PM Press


Black Metal Rainbows | Daniel Lukes & Stanimir Panayotov (eds) | Colours May Vary