Birdsong in a Time of Silence | Steven Lovatt

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"As I emerge from the wood, I think about all the places the birds of my town enriched and made more familiar in the middle months of this year. They renewed the place for me, and i'll not look at it in the same way again"


The sound of birdsong during those early Locked down days was something that we all noticed. Someone had turned down the volume of life to allow the sounds of birds to ring through - it was something good to embrace during those strange days, something to share.


Steven Lovatt's Birdsong in a Time of Silence is a lyrical, uplifting reflection on these sounds and what they mean to us. From a portrait of the blackbird - most prominent and articulate of the early spring singers - to explorations of how birds sing, the science behind their choice of song and nest-sites, and the varied meanings that people have brought to and taken from birdsong, this book ultimately shows that natural history and human history cannot be separated. It is the story of a collective reawakening brought on by the strangest of springs.


Size: 129 x 198mm

Pages: 149

Publisher: Penguin


Birdsong in a Time of Silence | Steven Lovatt