Assembling a Black Counter Culture | Deforrest Brown, Jr.

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Published by the Brooklyn-based non-profit Primary Information, this new title by Deforrest Brown, Jr. is a critical history of techno and related forms of electronic music.


The central aim of the book is to reposition the production of techno; detaching it from the electronic dance music industry and affiliations with the 'British hardcore continuum' and placing its origins in the community of Detroit and its context of African American history. 'Assembling a Black Counter Culture' Charts the development of this cultural movement as a truly unique American art form.


A writer and music maker (and representative of Make Techno Black Again), Deforrest Brown, Jr's work places the thinking and techniques of key players within the context of Motor City's African American working class and associated industrialised labour systems


From The Belleville Three to today's international club scene, Assembling a Black Counter Culture illuminates the mechanics of American mainstream cultural production and reinstates electronic music from a Black theoretical perspective. 


Softcover - edition of 4000

Size: 140 x 210mm

Pages: 432

Publisher: Primary Information

Assembling a Black Counter Culture | Deforrest Brown, Jr.