Apartamento Cookbook | #7: Late Night Meals

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The annual Apartamento cookbook is back in its seventh edition, and this time it's staying up with you into the small hours of the night. Whether you’re coming home late after a long shift, stumbling through the door off the back of an indulgent evening out, or simply feeling peckish post-dinner, the Apartamento cookbook is here to lead the way as you rummage bleary-eyed through the kitchen cupboard, with 16 recipes by chefs and food-lovers around the world.


From sleep-inducing mackerel salad to hangover-preventing onion soup, the meditative preparation of Nigerian alkaki or a quick fix of refried Georgian khinkali, simple aioli to feed your munchies and syrupy waffles for your sweet tooth, as well as your choice of two salty sandwiches from Italy and the Basque Country, whatever’s keeping you up, there's the recipe for it. 


Size: 170 x 240mm (Hardcover + dust jacket)

Pages: 44

Publisher: Apartamento

Apartamento Cookbook | #7: Late Night Meals