A Darker Electricity | Mark Angelo Harrison

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Make some f*cking noise indeed.


Subtitled 'The Origins of the Spiral Tribe Sound System', this book tells the story of the nomadic pioneers of the free party movement. In the early '90s Spiral Tribe brought techno and breakbeat to the masses, as, each week they put on communal gatherings that gathered in size, popularity, and, to mind of the then Conservative government, increasing levels of illegality, personal freedom and chaos.


Spiral Tribe became newspaper headline regulars, their unifying, anti-capitalist, ego-free parties increasingly clashing with John Major's 'Back to Basics' thinking which would become a fully-fledged government campaign in '93. Things came to a head at the Castlemorten Common Festival in '92, where police arrested several members of the collective - demonising the free party movement members as folk devils and laying a path towards the Criminal Justice Act.


This fascinating account has been written by the Tribe's co-founder, Mark Angelo Harrison, and charts their development, from small squat-scene parties to enormous free festivals. 


Size: 128 x 197mm

Pages: 508

Publisher: Velocity Press


A Darker Electricity | Mark Angelo Harrison