Poster Workshop 1968 - 1971

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The 3rd in Four Corners 'Irregulars' series, 'poster Workshop 1968 - 1971' looks at the print output of the extraordinary Camden-based Poster Workshop. Inspired by the paris-based Atelier Populaire, the workshop allowed people a voice to dissent, to protest and to champion, whether that be to declaim the war in Vietnam, support the striking workers, or rally for more housing. There is a simplicity to these posters that gives them power and force, often printed in a single colour with a bold use of type, they hang together as a whole as the people behind them did.

A snapshot of a politically fervent time, but also an inspiration and call to arms for all of us in the here and now.

Size: 220 x 160mm

Pages: 127

Publisher: Four Corners

Poster Workshop 1968 - 1971
Poster Workshop 1968 - 1971