Typeone Magazine #07 | The Creative Coding Issue

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The new issue of Typeone looks at the typographical architecture of digital design: code.


Inside: creative code and the World Wide Web, artists using code to create audio-visual splendour, and the use of computational typography to explore beyond conventions. There are studio interviews with Talia Cotton and Yehwan Song, a fascinating insight into the world of font engineering, and a spotlight section that looks at, through three essays, questioning the constraints of coding, visual storytelling and the human experience, and the restrictive yet boundless type system of Lena Weber



As editor Amber Weaver says in the first editorial - this is a historical artefact of our design culture, not just a magazine.


Size: 220 x 297mm

Pages: 144


Size: 220 x 297mm

Pages: 133 



Typeone Magazine #07 | The Creative Coding Issue | Colours May Vary