The Tories are the Real Criminals | Matt Smith (Copy)

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Matt Smith, through his photographs documenting the Sunnyside sound system's trips to the national protests that took place on London in 1994, shows us what the power of public protest looks like.  


1994 was a year of fervent resistance against the encroaching Criminal Justice Act in the UK. Amidst the clamour of dissent, three historic demonstrations echoed through the streets of London, challenging the very fabric of authority and transforming the nature of peaceful protest, forever.


Through the lens of Matt Smith (Exist To Resist), we witness the raw energy and unity of the protests that shook the capital. Each image in this zine is a testament to the power of the people, capturing not just moments frozen in time, but the spirit of a generation refusing to accept oppressive legislation.


Equally as stirring as these images is the written passage that ends the zine - drawing a line between the origins of the word Tory (and it's 17th Century association with the Gaelic for thief and robber) and the imposing of the Criminal Justice Act which legislated against our culture and freedom.


Size: 148 x 210mm (A5) (Staple Bound)

Pages: 68

Publisher: Velocity Press



The Tories are the Real Criminals | Matt Smith (Copy)