The Modernist #50 | 'NORTH'

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"It's not where you're from, it's where you're at" 


The Modernist celebrates it's 50th birthday with an issue all about the North, and roams from the cobbles of Coronation Street to the windswept isolation of Barrow - no, not the town in Leicestershire, but the most northerly town in the United States. Yes, this issue traverses the Northern hemisphere, globetrotting from Dehli, to Beijing to Aberdeen. North, you see, is a state of mind.


Inside - the beautiful concrete murals of Charles Anderson, the detailed oil rig models of Thorp Modelmakers, the work of Norwegian architect Erling Viksjø, the Modernist architecture of Ireland's Causeway Coast, and the multi-storey blocks of flats of Aberdeen.


Elsewhere - Beijing's Socialist modernism, the sculptures of Eduardo Paolozzi, and a look inside High Sunderland, the home of textile designer, and industrialist Bernat Klein.  



The Modernist is a quarterly publication about architecture and design in the 20th Century (fact). It is also a passionate, witty, academic, and thought-provoking read (another fact).


Size: 200 x 200mm

Pages: 60


The Modernist #50 | 'NORTH' | Colours May Vary