The Fence #20

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The 'UK's only magazine' is five years old, which is reason enough to cheer. Inside, the features include a visit to the People's Princess' favourite restaurant, a meeting with the Gilbert & George-loving White Whale, attempting to find the 'weird, sexy and dangerous' of west London life, and a meet up with the Russian refugees finding a new life in Belgrade.


Elsewhere - a rating guide, documenting the cost of a coffee and croissant in every cafe in Soho, a flow chart of how to get served at The Devonshire, hauntings in Shoreditch, and an all Blues airport binge on the brink of an atrocity.



The Fence is a smartly laid out London-based magazine with a literary heart and a satirical bent


Size: 200 x 270mm

Pages: 61


The Fence #20