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This edition of Slanted delves deeper into books that are charting new territories and extending beyond the confines of what we know as traditional books. True reading means understanding, grasping, and thinking creatively. We like having something tangible in our hands, that we can flip through, that we can open, set aside, and immediately find what we were thinking when we pick it up again. Something that we can share. That experience is unique. That's what books are all about! And one more thing: hope dies last. Reading books will soon become a real trend again, totally hip for people who want to rely on something lasting. People who like to think in multiple dimensions.


Inside - books that burst beyond boundaries and maximise possibilities, books that exhibit disruptive and innovative design, wispy and fragile books, tactile, graspable books, wordless and tangible books, and books rich in typographical detail. BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!



A graphic design publication in which each issue takes a country/city/subject as a jumping-off point in which to examine the creative output. Combining highly visual content with essays and articles to the rear, Slanted is both for the eyes and the brain. And at almost 250 pages, both get a treat.


Size: 160 x 240mm

Pages: 256



Slanted #42 | Books | Colours May Vary