Ra!se #4| Human Traffic

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Issue #4 of RA!SE takes a look at the subject of human trafficking, and looks at how people become entangled in this exploitative, unlawful act, the myths that surround it, the effects of it upon its victims and, usefully, those charities and organisations providing help to people caught up in this horrific modern day slavery.


It isn't all gloom and doom, however, RA!SE also provides rays of hope by highlighting organisations doing important work in this field. It also puts its money where its mouth is, by donating 100% of all profits to the Trussell Fund Food Bank Organisation 


RA!SE folds out to reveal a powerful central image that can be used as a poster (see slide along)


Size: Folded 185 x 185mm / Unfolded 370 x 550mm (6 panels).



RA!SE was started by Danny Passarella & Kingsley Gratrick as a way to help raise awareness on human rights issues from around the world. 100% of all profits from sales are donated to a charity supporting the cause detailed in the publication.

Ra!se #4| Human Traffic | Colours May Vary
Ra!se #4| Human Traffic