Pressing Matters #26

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The new Pressing Matters is here - and inside you'll find: Pauline Caulfield's large-scale printed hangings and vestments, Hammer Chen's memory infused copper photogravure prints, Stanley Donwood's epic 'A Map of the New World' linocut, and the lovely Louise 'Printed Peanut' Lockhart's bright and bold risograph prints.


Elsewhere - bringing a Monotype Composition Caster back to life in Estonia, Curious Journeys' (aka Steve Irvine) meticulous and multi-layered linocut prints, the Modernist London landscapes of linocut artist Paul Catherall, and the gel plate printing of Cloudia Rivett-Carnac, current director of The Printing Girls



A beautifully produced magazine from Bristol Independent Publishers which explores the people, passion and process behind modern printmaking.


Size: 210 x 280mm

Pages: 100



Pressing Matters #26 | Colours May Vary