Peasant Zine #1 | Weird Walk

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Do you like soil music?


Peasant is a new title from the wandering Weird Walk family that takes a look at the new gathering of musical pioneers who draw their inspiration from the folklore, myth and history that surrounds us. The isn't just finger in your ear, Aran jumper folk songs either (although there's nowt wrong with that), but includes a broad sonic palette that takes in electronica, metal and the avant-garde.


Inside the first issue Lily Doble of Boss Morris discusses the rich history of the music that drives the morris dancers, there's a look at how Enya became the mother of dungeon synth, Daisy Rickman guides us through the winter solstice in Penzance, and there's a look at the inclusive folk community that orbits the Broadside Hacks Folk Club.


Elsewhere - we meet the Abysmal Specter of Old Nick and find out what fuels his musical fire, and Jon Wilks investigates the link between people, place and traditional song.




Music from the soil, music for everyone! Peasant takes an amble among the sonic hedgerows.


Size: A5 (staple bound)

pages: 48


Peasant Zine #1 | Weird Walk | Colours May Vary