Mold Magazine #6 | Design for a New Earth

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Mold magazine comes full circle, with issue 6 completing its fascinating (and beautiful) print run.


This issue looks at the possibilities of designing new earths on this Earth - beginning with the soil under our feet, the content begins to reimagine our existing, destructive, extractive relationship with our soil, imagining a world where the land is respected as a living entity.


Inside you'll find articles which look at the allotment as a social hub, designing using the remains of agricultural plants, food, femininity and progress, synaesthesia institutes and archives of scent, eating in a time of climate change, and how soil species are influencing the relationship between designers, artists, scientists and the visible world.



MOLD is an editorial platform about designing the future of food and spotlights the ideas that will revolutionise how we produce, prepare and eat food in the years to come (it is beautifully designed too).

A 48-page poetry insert, “Scores for a New Earth,” gathered by Emma Leigh Macdonald and designed by Somnath Bhatt accompanies the issue.


Size: 220x300mm

Pages: 144


Mold Magazine #6 | Design for a New Earth