Left Cultures #2

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Left cultures returns with a sophomore issue that brings us 52 personal stories that illuminate how Left Culture has aided and inspired the contributors on their own journey to culture creation.


Inside, across 128 pages, you'll find feminist publishers, inspirational record collections, Jamaican activism, banner making, apocalyptic mural art, climate camps, George Orwell and Rage Against the Machine. Personal stories - about moments, about seeing the world differently, about loving your fellow human, about collaboration, inspiration and discovery. These stories come from all corners too - from educators, comedians, trade unionists, artists, filmmakers and writers. 


Speaking of inspiration - each story comes accompanied with an illustration, of which there are 52 in all. Great stuff here, including work from Marion Deuchars, Led by Donkeys, Esther McManus, and Gran Fury.


Stimulating stuff for the eyes and mind, as always.



Left Cultures is a contemporary space that champions all kinds of voices on the Left, whether they be Socialist, Communist, Anarchist or anything in between. 


Size: 180 x 250mm

Pages: 120

Left Cultures #2 | Colours May Vary