IdN 29/02 | Infographic and Data Visualisation.

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The new issue of IdN invited designers who specialises in creating infographics and data visualisations, and who all share the common passion of making the complicated simple. 


This issue features the work of:

Adam Sharratt | Adrian Bauer | Agency S/R | Alessia Musìo | Camila A. Mayorga A. | Craig Taylor (Mapzilla) | Giorgio Guidotti | Ilaria Mastro | Infographics Lab 203 | Jamie Kettle | Kisub Moon | Kürşat Ünsal | Mihajlo Jakovljev | Natalia Sayuri Lara | Nergis Aşar | Podpunkt Studio | Romualdo Faura | Set Reset | Shangning Wang & Jiayan He | Till noon | united by | Victoria da Costa



Varying paper stocks, spot varnishes, and matt lamination, IdN is a beautiful design magazine from Hong Kong that looks and feels as good as it reads. 


Size: 160 x 230mm

Pages: 160 (plus 8 cover pages)




IdN 29/02 | Infographic and Data Visualisation.