IdN 29/01 | Mixed Media Issue: Collages & Montages

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The brand new IdN gathers together a collection of collage, montage and mixed media works by 25 creatives from across the globe. The works included, each involving various media and materials ranging from photography, paper art, wood work and metal to any form of digital art, function as book covers, editorial illustration, poster designs, and works of art in their own right.




Alberto Seveso | Beatriz Ortiz | Beppe Conti | Christian Barthold | Colowgee | David Szauder | Eiko Ojala | Firmorama | Gabrielle Pires Schauerhuber | Gregory Euclide | IS Creative Studio | Israel G. Vargas | Marcos Moronell | Margaret Scrinkl | Mayara Marques | Nata Romankova | Natalia Sayuri Lara | Oleg Borodin | Olga Khaletskaya | Oscar Rodriguez | Óscar Varona | Rina Lukovnikova | Safwa Gamal Salem | Scholar | Sera Lione.



Varying paper stocks, spot varnishes, and matt lamination, IdN is a beautiful design magazine from Hong Kong that looks and feels as good as it reads. 


Size: 160 x 230mm

Pages: 160 (plus 8 cover pages)





IdN 29/01 | Mixed Media Issue: Collages & Montages | Colours May Vary