Hwæt Zine #5 | Forests and Ancient Woodlands

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 'Through the forest have I gone'


The new Hwǎet finds us among the trees, in an issue that attempts to understand these spaces that have transfixed us since childhood.


Inside - Hwæt founders George and Bunty explore the inherent contractions of the forest in an excellent introduction, there's a build-your-own Baba Yaga hut guide, stories of lovers among the leaves, the arboreal history of Sheffield, a lost fantasy forest in Sussex, a look at the intersection of woods and warfare, and a guide to getting lost in a video game forest. 


As usual, you'll find associated reading lists, watch lists, and even a game playlist to ensure that this excellent publication takes us beyond the pages and out into the wider world of arboreal exploration.


Size: 148 x 210mm (perfect bound)

Pages: 106



Hwæt Zine #5 | Forests and Ancient Woodlands