Hotshoe Magazine #211 | Shooting Mum & Dad

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The 'Shooting Mum and Dad' issue of Hotshoe explores the first, and arguably most important, relationship for most people - our relationship with our parents and how that intimacy, or lack of, has shaped us as individuals, both physically and psychologically.


Photographers included in this brilliant collection:

Christopher Anderson /  Richard Billingham / Judith Black / Barbara Bosworth / Deanna Dikeman / Mitch Epstein / Mohamed Hassan / Mark Steinmetz / Oliver Woods Anna Fox / Mary Frey / Lydia Goldblatt / Paul Graham / Ronan McCall / Sage Sohier / Esther Teichmann



Hotshoe is an independent London-based photography quarterly. Each issue focuses on innovative contemporary photography and is supported by beautiful images, intelligent writing and stunning design.


Size: 165 x 230mm

Pages: 192


Hotshoe Magazine #211 | Shooting Mum & Dad | Colours May Vary