Hinterland #14 | Climate Writing Special

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Climate change has become a constant presence in our lives, and increasingly inflects our writing. Yet, actively writing about climate change is not easy. The contributors of this Climate Writing special issue have risen to the challenge, whether it’s writing about forest fires in New Mexico, frogs in Australia, rivers in Manchester, or the effects of human activity and the Anthropocene. This issue is guest edited by Iona Macduff and features a headline interview with environmental writer Arati Kumar-Rao (Marginlands: Indian Landscapes on the Brink), discussing how she documents South Asia’s changing landscapes and those marginalised by climate change.


Also featuring writing by Alison Baxter, Joe Fenn, Tamsin Grainger, Ian Grosz, David Howe, Rita Issa, Clara Kubler, Wendy Johnson, Iona Macduff, Meg Mooney, Millie Prosser and Joe Shute, with photography by Tashie R. Ghale.



Hinterland is an independent quarterly, print and digital magazine, based out of the University of East Anglia, dedicated to creative nonfiction.


Size: 135 x 210mm

Pages: 180

Hinterland #14 | Climate Writing Special | Colours May Vary