Guzzle Magazine #2 | The Intimacy of Eating

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The Intimacy of Eating explores the multifaceted relationship between love and food by veering away from romantic assumptions. The issue examines a variety of topics, from the intimate aspects of motherhood and the warmth of hospitality to the complexities of mental health and the journeys of migration, among many others.


Featured contributors include Áine Budds, Diarmuid Cawley, Daniel Conroy, Eoghan Conway, Sian Conway, Laoise Dempsey, Garret FitzGerald, Eoghan Flynn, Molly Garvey, Jane Gleeson, Anna Haugh, Stephen Heffernan, Caroline Hennessy, Ophelia Keane, Rose Madders, Jamie McCabe, Axel McHugh, Stacy Miyoung Kim, Marina Marinina, Clara Murray, Robyn Paterson, Max Rocha, Ian Ryan, Maeve Scully and Eoghan Walsh.


Size: 170 X 240mm

Pages: 92

Guzzle Magazine #2 | The Intimacy of Eating