Crafts #298 | Spring-Summer '24

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The new issue of Crafts features the cloud-like beadwork sculptures of Igshaan Adams, the bone and shell jewellery and ornaments of Emma Witter, a look at the rejuvenation of the ancient art of thatching, a conversation between architect Bijoy Jain and textile designer Chiaki Maki, and a look at how our understanding of craft may evolve ideas and discussions of our identity and culture (accompanied by some wonderful photos by journalist Rachel Adams of the practice of Morris Dancing).



Published by the Crafts Council since 1973, Crafts brings together a dynamic global community of makers, curators, collectors, thinkers and cultural influencers pushing the boundaries of making.


Size: 220 x 297mm

Pages: 194


Crafts #298 | Spring-Summer '24 | Colours May Vary