Cake Zine #5 | Candy Land

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Cake Zine's fifth issue returns candy (that's sweets to you and me) to its natural roots. Candy Land is full of essays, recipes, fiction, and art that unwrap candy's connections to the literal and metaphorical land. 


Inside: stocking up on sweetness for the world's end, growing up in Hershey town, dumpster diving for chocolate, finding PLUR in exchanging kandi bracelets, loving aspartame, and the blue, blue, blue of artificial raspberry flavour!

Elsewhere, fan fiction and recipes that will keep your sweet tooth happy for quite a while.



Cake Zine is a hedonistic exploration of history, pop culture, literature, and art through dessert


Measures: 24 x 17cm

Pages: 95

Cake Zine #5 | Candy Land | Colours May Vary