Wild Service: Why Nature Needs You | Nick Hayes & Jon Moses (Eds)

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"With this book we begin to unearth the old pillars of our cultural relationship with nature. Kinship, reciprocity, guardianship, community, these were the vectors of our traditional relationship with nature."


Wild Service, edited by Nick Hayes (The Book of Trespass, 2020) and Jon Moses (co-director of the Right to Roam Campaign) presents us with a series of essays that take form around our need to reconnect with, and form a culture that takes its cues from nature.


These essays have been written by campaigners, educators, barristers, biologists, activists, folk singers and shepherdesses - all defenders of nature, who are striving to make positive change (whether they have permission to, or not). Their words cover subjects as diverse as rare seabird breeding grounds, rebel botanists, endangered trees, and recommoning practices and are built around a need for all of us to reconnect to the land and commit to its restoration.


Size: 161 x 240mm (hardback)

Pages: 304

Publisher: Bloomsbury



Wild Service: Why Nature Needs You | Nick Hayes & Jon Moses (Eds) | Colours May Vary