Underworlds | Stephen Ellcock

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Going underground...


Stephen Ellcock's new book takes a plunge into subterranean realms, bringing us views from below. In yet another beautifully compiled visual collection, Ellcock takes us a on journey across the globe and through the ages, unearthing images that illuminate the depths - from the world literally under our feet to worlds of water, worlds of human habitation and exploitation, subliminal worlds, and hellish underworlds. Here you'll find mermaids, mycorrhizal networks, hell-themed cabarets, terracotta warriors, sea gods, fatbergs, and even death himself.


Inside, accompanying the chosen images, you'll find an insightful introduction by Stephen Ellcock, chapter introductions that help establish background and key themes, and supplementary texts which elucidate essential concepts, historical events and figures.


The flow through Ellcock's books always feels a very personal one, and it's always one that, for us, brings new things to the surface. Through the careful presentation of paintings, illustrations, collages, sculptures and photographs (and more), Ellcock opens up new worlds to explore, new ways to think about the world we inhabit and new ways to dream. 


Measures: 165x 230mm

Pages: 256   

Publisher: Thames & Hudson 


Underworlds | Stephen Ellcock | Colours May Vary