The Night Land | William Hope Hodgson

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Aeons in the future, the death of the sun has cast the earth into eternal night and the last vestiges of humanity remain entrenched within a colossal metal pyramid. Beyond its walls lies a wasteland rife with nightmare beings hungering for the last human souls. Yet from these dark wilds, a spiritually gifted youth hears the voice of another like him, familiar from a past life, calling out from a long-lost refuge whose defences are failing. Desperate to reunite with her before the monsters invade, the youth sets forth alone into the hellish night.

Written in a distinctive and unique style – which Ann VanderMeer unpacks in her introduction – Hodgson’s Weird Fantasy quest novel was first published in 1912 and remains a cult classic which has enthralled writers from C. S. Lewis to China Miéville, who wrote:



Size: 190 x 130mm

Pages: 320

Publisher: British Library


The Night Land | William Hope Hodgson