Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk | Kathleen Hanna

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Kathleen Hanna's rallying cry to feminists echoed far and wide through the punk Scene of the '90s. Her band Bikini Kill embodies this iconic time, and today her personal yet feminist lyrics on anthems like Rebel Girl' and 'Double Dare Ya' are more powerful than ever. But where did this transformative voice come from?


In Rebel Girl, Hanna's raw and insightful new memoir, she takes us on an illuminating journey through her tumultuous childhood, her formative college years and her early tours. As Hanna makes clear, being in a punk girl band in the '90s was not a simple or safe prospect. Male violence and antagonism threatened at every turn, and surviving as a singer who was a lightning rod for controversy took limitless amounts of determination.


But the relationships she developed during that period buoyed her, including with her bandmates, Tobi Vail, Kathi Wilcox, JD Samson and Johanna Fateman. And her friendships with musicians like Kurt Cobain, lan MacKaye, Kim Gordon and Joan Jett reminded her that, despite the odds, the punk world could still nurture and care tor its own.


In these vivid pages, Hanna opens up about falling in love with Ad-Rock of Beastie Boys and her debilitating battle with lyme disease, and brings us behind the scenes of her musical growth in her bands Le Tigre and the Julie Ruin. With an uncut voice all her own, Hanna reveals the hardest times along with the most joyful - and how they continue to fuel her revolutionary art and music.


Size: 162 x 241mm

Pages: 304

Publisher: William Collins 

Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk | Kathleen Hanna | Colours May Vary