Out of the Past :Tales of Haunting History | Aaron Worth (ed)

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 A tale of callous murder and deranged revenge rings out from fifteenth-century ltaly. A witch-finder's great triumph is also the herald of his own doom in Civil War Britain. A prisoner's fate at the hands of the Inquisition in sixteenthcentury Mexico leads to an encounter with the bestial and bizarre beneath the waves.


Summoning eleven stories chosen for their uncanny portrayals of weird history, this collection presents a dark timeline of grim visions harking from plague-racked England to revolutionary France and culminating in the last gasps of the nineteenth century. Including stories by the greatest writers of history-turned horrifying such as Marjorie Bowen, Frederick Cowles, Vernon Lee and the lost genius Vincent O'Sullivan, this volume is capped by two of Aaron Worth's own tales of Victorian macabre alongside a chiller evoking M. R. James by the adapter of his stories for radio.


Size: 130 x 190mm (paperback)

Pages: 304

Publisher" British Library

Out of the Past :Tales of Haunting Hisory | Aaron Worth (ed) | Colours May Vary