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Do not adjust your sets. Optic, a brand new title from those excellent folks at Counter-Print takes a long dizzying look at the world of optical effects in contemporary graphic design.


Optic looks at those designers and studios taking inspiration from the Op Art scene of the '60s, when artists like Bridget Riley, Frank Stella and Victor Vasarely created optical, moving effects from their precise use of pattern and colour


Inside you'll find graphic works that disrupts the surface, create movement, bring to life illusory elements and change the way we see the world around us. The ten chapters, which bring us a wealth of packaging, visual identities, poster designs, and much more, are divided up into optical elements, including  periodic structures, interrupted systems, relief, impossible objects, diffusion, illusory contours, and isometric illusion.


It's an eye-opening selection, which is expanded upon by interviews with some of the studios represented (including Design by Tokyo, Daughter, Abby Haddican, and Parker Studio). 


And yes, that cover disc does spin, but don't look at it for too long..


Size: 190 x 265mm

Pages: 200

Binding: Softbound

Publisher: Counter-Print

Optic: Optical Effects in Graphic Design | Counter-Print | Colours May Vary